In Retail Thoughts on January 4, 2010 at 3:42 pm

When twitter went live I was convinced it would be a fad and have a short shelf life.  Well, I was wrong, dead wrong. Twitter has proven to be a very powerful tool for small businesses. Accordingly, with the launch of [t] CityRetail comes my entry into the world of Twitter…

[t] CityRetail is based in the Cambridge Innovation Center and our neighbor on the 16th floor is HubSpot. At Alex Twining’s urging, I took some time over the holiday and explored the HubSpot site a bit…  Impressive, to say the least. HubSpot wrote the book on Inbound Marketing – seriously, its CEO coined the term and its founders (CEO and CTO) wrote the book “Inbound Marketing: Getting Found Using Google, Social Media and Blogs.” The HubSpot site is packed with good info and tips for Twitter beginners like me.  Here’s an article I found that was quite helpful:

HubSpot: How to Use Twitter for Business, A Beginners Guide

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