The Red Line

In General on January 10, 2010 at 10:41 pm

I spend a lot of time on the MBTA’s Red Line.  It connects me to work (South End to Kendall – Red Line by way of Silver Line), it brings me to my sister’s coffee shop (Crema in Harvard Sq) and it is also my gateway to friends and family, most of which live north of the City.  The majority of my commuting time is on the stretch between Park Street and Davis Square, a seven station run that deserves a bit of scrutiny…. (read more)

Think about it, between Park Street, which is at the City of Boston’s heart – steps to the State House, City Hall, Financial District, Emerson U, Suffok U, etc. – and Davis Square, you pass through some of the world’s most exciting places…(read more)

After Park Street comes Charles Street, home to Mass General Hospital and Beacon Hill.  Then there’s Kendall / MIT.  In addition to MIT, Kendall is home to Google, Microsoft, Genzyme, Cambridge Innovation Center, the Broad & Whitehead Institutes, etc. Up next is Central Square, the location of the City of Cambridge government and perhaps the busiest couple city blocks in Massachusetts.  Harvard Square follows. That’s “Harvard,” as in Harvard University.  After Harvard is Porter Square, where Somerville and Cambridge collide and also home to Lesley U.  Last but not least is Davis Square, the only Somerville stop on the Red Line and Tufts U stomping ground.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Spanning seven city subway stops are the Massachusetts, Boston and Cambridge governments, two of the world’s premier universities (Tufts isn’t far behind), one of the best hospitals on the planet and some of the most innovative businesses of our day.  This is incredible.  It really is.

It is no coincidence then that CityRetail will largely focus its efforts on this corridor of the Red Line.  It is a stretch with some of the area’s strongest existing retail and also some of the best retail opportunities.  The intersection between big business and small business, though complicated at times, plays out beautifully in these Red Line neighborhoods.  It is at this intersection that CityRetail is at its best.

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