What Lies Above

In General, Kendall Square, Retail Thoughts on January 21, 2010 at 7:08 pm

While CityRetail is all about just that – city retail – we understand that neighborhoods are about a lot more.  Exciting urban places require a combination of various uses.

The retail real estate we lease and advise on is, with few exceptions, on the first floor of mixed use buildings.  While our focus is there, we are in-tune with and must coordinate our efforts in connection with the lab, office and residential uses that lie on floors above.  Accordingly, we are excited and encouraged by these two articles from the last couple of days (select quotes below; click for link to entire article):

  1. Cambridge was without a doubt the most stable submarket in an otherwise very tumultuous year for Greater Boston commercial real estate… East Cambridge, in particular, stands out as the world’s preeminent cluster for cutting edge technology and life sciences research and development…”
  2. Linden Lab will relocate… from the Cambridge Innovation Center on the 14th floor to a direct suite on the 9th floor… “After an extensive search, Linden Lab chose to remain at 1 Broadway due to its direct access to the technology-rich Kendall Square submarket of Cambridge and its easy access to public transportation and many nearby amenities…”
  1. Clearly Kendall Square is the engine for the New England economy!

  2. […] and bold buildings in the country?  Well, we’re working on it.  In my last blog entry, “What Lies Above,” I wrote about the importance of understanding ground floor retail in relation to the use that […]

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