eMenus and Retail Tech

In General, Retail Thoughts on January 26, 2010 at 11:59 pm

An Israeli company, Conceptic, among others, is promoting an interactive menu system currently in use at a handful of restaurants in Israel, Australia, South Africa and France. The system functions as a menu, slide show and ordering device all-in-one. The techie in me loves this; the foodie in me isn’t as excited.  Here’s a video: video link

Regardless of your preference (or curiosity) re: the above, restaurants are increasingly going high-tech.  The use of hand-held devices in sit-down restaurants for both ordering and credit card payments is becoming commonplace (Wagamama and Legal Seafoods are two examples here in Cambridge/Boston). Open Table has emerged as a useful online reservation management tool for restaurants and diners, chefs broadcast updates and specials via Twitter, Point-of-Sale systems remain touch screen and now have the ability to link with video, smart phones, and wireless networks…

In sum, be it with eMenus or otherwise, the retail game is changing and it’s changing fast. I make purchases at the Apple Store regularly but have never been to a register. I deposit checks into my bank account though I have not visited an actual bank since I opened my account. You get it, I think we all do. CityRetail is trying to stay as well informed as possible in connection with the above discussion. As retail continues to be shaped and influenced by changes in technology, so too will retail real estate. As tenants needs and norms evolve, retail deals will go through a parallel adjustment.

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