Happy Birthday Liza

In General, Retail Thoughts on January 27, 2010 at 11:02 pm

Today is my sister’s birthday.  How does this relate to CityRetail? It doesn’t, but she does…

Liza is one of the owners of Crema Cafe in Harvard Square. With her business partner, Marley, she set out on the incredible journey of developing the concept for Crema three years ago. Between the two of them there were stints at local coffee shops, shifts at a national coffee chain, a trip to the West Coast, visits with coffee roasters, interviews with prospective bakers, conversations with chefs and countless meeting and brainstorming sessions.  Behind all of this though were (and remain) two diligent, creative, open-minded and adventurous entrepreneurs. Over the past couple of years I have watched as Liza and Marley put in ridiculous hours and deal with equally ridiculous situations. They have poured themselves into their business and it shows. Crema is, by design, a “third place.” Crema’s success is not about luck, it’s about competence, hard work and commitment. It’s these exact traits that CityRetail looks for in recruiting tenants to Kendall. It’s not just about the business model, it’s also about the operators.

Neighborhoods need young entrepreneurs like Liza and Marley; our economy needs the same. Liza, Marley, keep it up. Oh, and Liza, happy birthday.

  1. Happy Birthday Liza! And Congratulations, its no small feat to launch and run a new business.

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