In General on February 10, 2010 at 11:59 pm

Earlier this evening “buzz,” Google’s latest and greatest social networking service, popped up on my gmail homepage (Google officially announced it yesterday, the 9th).  I haven’t played with buzz for more than 5 minutes yet but I look forward to exploring it in the coming weeks.

CityRetail’s launch has forced me to reexamine online social networking though the lens of an entrepreneur trying to get the word out about a new business.  It has been a transformative business experience and my appreciation of/for inbound marketing and online community services has reached new heights. At the same time though, I’ve tried hard not to ignore the importance of good ‘ole fashion face-to-face networking…

Traditional networking (lunches, meetings, presentations) is as important to CityRetail’s success as any online application.  Just today, I visited with Kevin Deabler and Eric Robinson of RODE Architects at their studio in the South End. We discussed synergies that may exist between our two firms and introduced each of our respective businesses.  I came away from the meeting energized and thoughtful.  I’ve had similar meetings with builders, bankers, consultants, restauranteurs and landowners.  Carefully and deliberately I am starting to piece together a group of trusted and proven professionals to collaborate with as CityRetail’s “smart partners.”  These relationships will allow CityRetail to provider a greater quality and quantity of services.  These relationships are forged in-person and over time.  Our smart partners will be in Boston/Cambridge and they’ll exist both on and off the computer.  No doubt though, I’ll be blogging, tweeting and now buzzing about all this and more in the coming months.  Stay tuned.

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