Pine Village Preschool to Kendall

In Closed Deals, Kendall Square on February 26, 2010 at 11:10 am

[t] CityRetail thinks about retail leasing as it relates to the larger dynamic of Kendall Square. Upon jumping into the business of retail leasing in 2008, one of our first moves was to work with Gezyme and survey its employees – we needed to understand the perspective of folks working in the neighborhood. The results of the survey helped guide our search for neighborhood amenities.  The number one item on the list was child-care and our search for a provider began immediately. We spoke to locals and nationals, we had some early hits, negotiated a couple deals and we worked with the City to understand the relevant licensing and zoning issues. In addition, we reached out to other local brokers. It’s been a work in progress. At first, more work than progress.  While we’ve closed deals for a fitness center, restaurants, dry cleaner, and cafe, all on the top of the Genzyme’s list of needs, a child-care deal has eluded us, until now.

Two days ago a lease was fully executed for a preschool in Kendall.  Location will be on the first floor of 675 West Kendall Street (Vertex & Momenta Pharm home), steps away from the Genzyme Center. Pine Village Preschool is coming to Kendall!

CityRetail worked hard on this deal with Landmark Real Estate Advisors.  Of the 7 deals we have closed of late, this is the first deal in which we’ve worked with cooperating broker and it has been a pleasure.  Eric Solem and his team at Landmark are true professionals and share many of our core ideologies about deal momentum, deal making and deal closing.  Thank you Eric.  Thank you BioMed.  Thank you Pine Village Preschool.  Oh, and thanks for the tip, Genzyme.

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