Look Good, Feel Good

In Our Team on March 29, 2010 at 1:39 pm

Alex and I have been spending some time of late working on the CityRetail website, signage and likeness. Thom Long at visionLaboratory is our go to on projects like this. Thom’s team also did the window wrap design for Evoo/Za, Watermark website and Twining Properties website.  For CityRetail, we are putting together a signage package that will be unique, identifiable and have some sort of rational nexus to the property in which the signs hang (this is signage we’ll install in properties that we are leasing).  Here’s a sneak peek at an early draft:

The idea is to have block signage that combines CityRetail logo, contact info, interesting facts relating to neighborhood, suggested uses, etc.  These blocks can be mixed-and-matched. Further, we can leave holes in the overall scheme (leave one or two blocks out) so folks can see into the retail space, as I’m not a big fan of first floor signage that completely masks windows and doesn’t allow any lines of sight into the property.

We’ve already made a bunch of tweaks to above draft plan but I’d love some feedback. Shoot me a note: or post a comment herein.

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