A main street

In Kendall Square, Retail Thoughts on April 1, 2010 at 9:58 pm

“Main Street” is typically exactly that, at least in New England towns and cities. I walk Main Street in Cambridge a lot, especially now that we are working on an assignment in Technology Square. On a recent walk from Kendall to Central Square it struck me just how amazing, unique and Cambridgesque Main Street is. Starting at the Charles River in Kendall and heading towards Central here are just a few highlights of the one mile traverse:

  • Microsoft’s N.E.R.D. Center;
  • The new MIT Sloan School of Management building;
  • Cambridge Center, home to Google, Akamai and the Broad Institute, to name a few;
  • Legal Sea Foods – Kendall Sq, one of the first locations for the restaurant group and closest to the original fish market;
  • MIT’s new Center for Cancer Research building;
  • Cambridge Brands, the candy manufacturing plant where Sugar Daddy, Junior Mints and Tootsie Rolls are made; and
  • Craigie on Main, a nationally acclaimed bistro.

A one mile street (actually, it’s closer to 1.1 miles) that is home to some of the most innovative business on earth, MIT, a candy factory, one of the best chain restaurants in the country and also one of the best independently owned bistros…  I wonder if there is any other “Main Street” on earth that is as diverse, exciting and interesting as Main Street in Cambridge.

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