See ya Starbucks

In Restaurant News, Retail Thoughts on April 18, 2010 at 10:14 pm

There was a NYT article last month about the explosion of “serious” coffeehouses/cafes in NYC (i.e. shops that take great pride and care in the way the coffee is sourced, roasted, prepared and served) and Boston too is on a similar upward course; Cambridge even more so.  We may always be a Dunkin Donuts inclined city but we are finally getting some top-notch coffeehouses that serve proper espresso drinks and outstanding coffee.

The newest addition to the scene is Pavement Coffeehouse on Boylston Street in Boston, just west of Mass Ave, which officially opens tomorrow.  Pavement is hoping on the bandwagon that has brought great success and praise to Crema Cafe, Bloc 11 Cafe, Taste Coffeehouse, Cafe Fixe and Barismo, all of which have opened in the past couple of years. The most exciting and developed retail districts in Somerville/Cambridge have great local cafes.  Davis Square has Diesel Cafe; Ball Square has True Grounds; Porter Sq – Simon’s; Harvard Sq – Crema; Inman Sq – 1369; Union Sq – Block 11; Central Sq – Toscinini’s and Kendall has BeanTowne.  Cambridge is dominating the coffee scene of late (and always has) but with Pavement Boston should be in for a treat.

I think it’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll see between 8 to 12 more of these “serious” coffeehouses opening in the next couple of years and no doubt CityRetail will be keeping a close watch.

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