Recycling Blogs

In Kendall Square on June 7, 2010 at 11:42 pm

I’m going to start reposting or linking to, with comments, a handful of my first 40 blog posts.  I’m doing this for several reasons: (i) I have a lot more readers of the blog now who I know have not read early posts; (ii) I have some updates and further thoughts in connection with almost every previous blog entry; (iii) now that this website is live ( I’ve been wanting to transfer all old posts from wordpress site but it’s a bit more complicated and time-consuming than I originally thought; and (iv) I’ve been having a hard time getting back into the groove of posting 2 or 3 blogs a week and revisiting some old posts at this point is a nice writer’s shortcut.

One of my favorite early posts is “The South End vs. Kendall Square: some thoughts.” In this post from Jan 13, 2010 I highlight the closing of Lambert’s Marketplace in the South End neighborhood of Boston to play-up Kendall Square’s relative neighborhood advantages. (read more after picture…)

In sum, Kendall has incredible potential from a retail perspective for three core reasons.  First and foremost, because of it’s explosive daytime population, which is fueled by (i) the most densely populated cluster of life science and biotech firms on the globe and (ii) MIT.  As Ranch Kimball of the Boston Consulting Group said today in a meeting with a handful of Kendall Square real estate folks and Cambridge elected officials – the Mayor included – Kendall Square is “the most innovative square mile on earth.”  You can doubt, but his assertion is well supported by some serious data.  Second, a legitimate residential population has arrived in Kendall Square over the past half decade in addition to all of the existing housing in East Cambridge.  In the approx. 320 yards between Binney Street and Broadway there are 1,000 high-end residences spread throughout three buildings, 480 of which came to market in the last two years. And third, Kendall has a Red Line subway stop.

As I wrote in the aforementioned post: “Kendall’s potential for vibrant and exciting retail is relatively untapped.  The people are here and aren’t going anywhere – night and day.  The retail is just now starting to blossom.  It’s been challenging, fun and exciting to be a part of.”  Now, some five months later, I feel exactly the same.

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