In Closed Deals on July 27, 2010 at 9:46 pm

It’s astounding how quickly news travels. Twitter has changed the way we share/consume information and blogs have become a primary source to many for local news and opinion pieces (or a combo thereof). It takes one click to publish/broadcast information across the globe. This 2010 reality leaves few stones untouched, restaurant industry specifically included.

I would love it if this post was making news in reporting that Blue State Coffee is coming to Boston but it’s been in the food/restaurant blogosphere for a couple days now: within hours of the “Coming Soon” sign going up tweets were flying; the lease was signed today and immediately Grub Street (one of the most popular food/resto blogs in the country and a div of New York Magazine) reported on the deal (Grub Street link). Grub Street’s source? – a craigslist job posting by Blue State Coffee…

While I may not be making news, I offer this post as confirmation that Blue State Coffee is indeed coming to Boston and will be opening at 957 Commonwealth Avenue (5th location – two in New Haven, CT and two in Providence, RI). The shop is 1,900 sf smack in the middle of BU’s west campus. Blue State will offer the best coffee/espresso in the neighborhood (if you are regular reader of this blog you know of my affection for coffee and constant search for / ramblings re: cafes) and should be one of Boston’s best coffeehouses. This is CityRetail’s first deal outside of Kendall and a deal we are really excited to have been a part of. Go ahead, spread the news!

  1. Congrats! Such great news, I know there are a lot of New Haven Blue State Coffee fans that will love that they are in Boston now…

  2. Fascinating way of transmitting “news”. Thanks for the info and I look forward to learning more about ‘Blue State” in the bluest of states.

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