Meet Patricia

In Our Team on April 13, 2011 at 11:09 am

I’ve known for a while that CityRetail’s bandwidth is significantly limited with just Dave and I running the show and I’ve thought hard over the past six months about the type of person we need to bolster the team.  Conventional wisdom suggests that I should bring on someone with extensive retail real estate experience but for now I’m going in another direction…

What CityRetail needs now is another entrepreneur – someone who appreciates and understand how we have created new space in the marketplace and somebody who understand that space. I want someone who has run their own small business; someone who understands the entrepreneurs and businesses we are working on deals with. The real estate and leasing stuff can be taught; what I nor anybody else can do is teach what it’s like to actually run a restaurant and make your living accordingly.

Patricia Woodard is the Patty in “Mike & Patty’s,” a sandwich shop in Boston’s Bay Village neighborhood. Mike & Patty’s is good; really good. It’s the number one rated restaurant on Yelp! Boston and it’s a local favorite.  Patricia recently (and on very good terms with Mike) left Mike & Patty’s and when I met with her earlier this year to talk about her transition we realized that CityRetail might be a great place for her to land.  We spent much of Feb and March talking about how this could work, Patricia took her real estate exam (and passed in flying colors!) and now we are off and running.

Patricia’s experiences have ranged from food writer to cheese buyer to cook. She’s been working in restaurants for all of her adult life and she’ll bring this experience to CityRetail, where she’ll continue working with restaurants and cafes. She’ll bring a new lens for us to look through at CityRetail and I’m super excited about it.

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