Quick update & some press

In Kendall Square on June 17, 2011 at 3:14 pm

I know it has been ages since last post but I assure you CityRetail is still alive and kicking. We’ve been working on a new that I’m hoping to bring live next week. It will be easier for you to read and easier for us to manage and update.

Generally, It’s been a great spring for CityRetail. Area Four opened three weeks ago and has been a big hit.  I’m super proud of CityRetail’s work on this deal and think the concept, food and team is so solid. Chef Gary Strack’s Firebrand Saints will open mid-Summer and as with Area Four, I think folks will be treated to something fresh, exciting and super tasty.  Also just opening is another one of CityRetail’s big projects from 2010, Bosse City Club (Health Club and Spa), which, like Area Four and Firebrand, is a highly entrepreneurial and innovative retail offering that matches the vibe here in Kendall. Oh, and then there’s Kendall’s very own 110 tap beer joint: Meadhall, which also opened last month…

I’ve got lots more to share and will do so with more regular posts as soon as the new site is up. For now though, here are a handful of links and press about some of our recent projects and neighborhood happenings:

Cambridge’s Hottest New Neighborhood for Foodies, Area 4” (WCVB TV Boston 5, ABC)

BioTech a la carte” (The Boston Globe)

Kendall Square: The Boston Area’s Next Restaurant Row?” (Blog)

Can you call it a gym if it features concierge service, a eucalyptus steam room and zen garden?” (The Boston Globe)

Luxury Fitness Center Expanding into Kendall Square” (Cambridge Chronicle)

Hip To Be Square” (Stuff Magazine)

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